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Richmond upon Thames – Minibus Hire with Driver 

You need to avail your minibus hire in Richmond upon Thames from a provider who offers comprehensive and in-depth service, with all bases covered. We are such providers. 
The role of the driver is often underestimated, when hiring a minibus. Even when you have the latest model of a fully loaded coach on hand, and the provider offers you the best rates, your trip can still be ruined because of the driver. 
The basic expectation from a driver is good driving skills. A driver who is not very experienced, or not comfortable handling the vehicle type my drive very slowly, or jarringly, and moreover, may not have enough control over the vehicle. When you avail our Richmond upon Thames minibus hire service, you are assured of skilled driver, who is very experienced in the type of vehicles they handle. For instance, we make sure our large 53 seater coaches are always driven by drivers who have considerable experience handling heavy vehicles, and not someone who has been driven a 16 seater minibus all along, even if the latter does have the licence to drive heavy vehicles.  
An inexperienced or lesser skilled driver may not know how to leverage the full benefits or features of the vehicle, and may also not have the complete driving skills, to deliver a smooth and punctual ride. For instance, a driver who is not very experienced may be hesitant to overtake a slow moving vehicle, and drag behind it, leading to an uncomfortable experience for passengers, and delays. We make sure our drivers are skillful and resourceful enough to drive in the best possible way, without taking risks. With our minibus hire in Richmond upon Thames, you can be sure you will be “the first” and reach on time, and yet our drivers do not have to indulge in rash driving for this purpose. 
Even when the driver is skilled in all aspects, it may still be not enough, without knowledge of the local area. For instance, a driver unfamiliar with the area may take the oft frequented road, and be struck in a traffic jam. All our drivers are either locals, or have considerable knowledge of the local area. They know the best routes to reach any destination, at different times of the day. For instance, a trip from Richmond upon Thames to Luton can involve 36 miles, 43 miles, or 51 miles, depending on the route taken. Our drivers, familiar with the region, and adequately supported by our customer support team who provides critical inputs including real time traffic situation, takes the best routes, and even intelligent diversion from such routes. 
When we recruit our drivers, we do not look at driving skill alone. We test their psychological faculties, and make sure they are both physically and mentally capable to withstand the stress associated with driving. Having recruited them, we train them extensively in customer care, knowledge of traffic regulations, and everything else required to deliver a successful trip. 
It is for the above reasons, our minibus hire with driver is the preferred choice for many corporate groups, tour groups, event managers, students, families, group of friends, and everybody else in Richmond upon Thames. Whether it is to visit the attractions o the region, such as Richard Park or Hampton Court Palace, to make transfers to Heathrow or any other airport, visit the Royal Windsor or Ascot racecourse, attend a concert at Wembley Palace, make day trip to Oxford, or for any other purpose, our Richmond upon Thames minibus hire service is the preferred choice. We deliver the best value, with the lowest rates in town.